Sailing ships? Literally, the last century: A tugboat from UGEARS opens the door to the era of the victorious steampunk! Get up at the helm of a new wooden designer from the most interesting hobby brand of our time, and go ahead — conquer the expanses of the river!

Here is a small and maneuverable Ugears boat that is ready to swing on the waves at any moment … and without leaving the surface of the table! Engineers put wheels with asymmetric axles on this model, so when the tug begins to go, it looks exactly like a ship launched into the water. And this impression is fixed by the almost real sound of a diesel engine — a skillful imitation created by the masters of the brand.

About other features:

• The boat was visually made in the skeleton style, traditional for UGEARS wooden designers: watch gears never get boring;

• The tugboat is completely ready to do its job — with the help of two ropes with hooks you can easily «tow» a small load (like a paper boat) by 2-3 meters;

• The model consists of 169 precisely cut laser-cut parts that fit perfectly together. The assembly is designed for 2-3 hours.

A tugboat is a true symbol of an era. UGEARS carefully conveyed the characteristic contours of the vessel and its thorough landing. Here is a work of art in the steampunk genre: a ship that can easily take the gray daily to the Tug and take it away, opening the place for bright emotions and good mood!

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